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Default Re: Space Empires: The Odyssey

Thanks. The only images I need for now are:
Items(ill post them later)
and images for the classes.

Ill give a rundown for the classes images.
-Standard Humans and Humanoids.
-Bulky Humanoids, Aliens, and my Shrash'ela(ill post info on them later)
-Psychic Humans, Aliens, Humanoids, Vrel and Vectorians(ill have images of both later but they would be in 3d and need DO style treatment!)
-Crystalloids. Whats there to say?
-Robots! If possible at least one Anime, American 50s and futuristic style ones.
-Necromancer aliens, and humans. And Azlokians! see Hughs image of a live one.
-Vectorian Templar, and alien/human preists.
Dark Preist
-Vectorian Abominations, Fallen Ones, and Alien/Human psycho preists!


ill post images of Vectorians, Vrel, and Azlokians in here as soon as I get them together ^_^

As for buildings heres what i would like
-Crystalline Buildings
-Futuristic Buildings
-Ruined Futuristic Buildings
thats it. not much?

and items will come as soon as I finish thinking of them! lol.
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