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Default Re: OOB 066 Sweden [WIP]

Pansarbrigad 63

Armoured Brigade type 63 replaced the previous armoured brigade type organisations in the early 60s and remained for the rest of the cold war.

The Brigad Organisation:

HQ, Staff and Staff Coy.
Armoured Recce Company
3 Armoured Battalions
Artillery Battalion
Engineer Battalion
2 AT Companies
AA Company
Armoured Supply Battalion

Significant for this brigade organisation was the combanied arms approach, even at lower levels. Earlyer organisations had made use of pure tank battalions etc but it was usually neccessary to form all arms task forces in the field and this took time. Also, normal Swedish terrain usually limited the size of units where integrated combat was possible to company or battalion. Thus these units needed to have a mix of weapons and great flexibility.
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