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Fallout Re: Lebanese Bradleys

Here's what I pulled as dated per the ref. also let me quote from mine only because this came up from Don almost a year ago asking about how long it took to train U.S. tank crews. My response at that time was 6 months just to complete Basic tank driver school as posted from the USA in the MBT Thread. Below is the training course timeline just for PHASE II Master Gunners School, you can "click" on "course requirements" etc. for further info. These are among the factors I use when a foreign country buys/or receives our equipment to get to FOC.

Alright I hear you basic crew training is 15 weeks long, and that's before they specialize as a Driver,Gunner or TC.

Now from my ref. " Over the next several months, the Army will undergo intensive training on how to operate and maintain this new, very sophisticated combat system.", with that in mind, I don't see FOC until April 2018 earliest more likely June 2018.

And it won't be our newest version either of the M2A2 BRADLEY, we have plenty of the "older" versions in storage and this has been demonstrated already with India's AH-64E GUARDIAN's they've received that are equipped with the AH-64D APACHE Longbow FCS. Same with ABRAMS.

Off my list, ref deleted-Thank You for entering it!

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