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Default Gotta AI problem here and I could use some help

This is mainly directed to fellow scenario makers.

New scenario from WW3 series is pretty much done for a while now, including 200x160 brand new map based on some satellite work. Long story short: I put quite a work to it.

But it seems I f*cked up a little bit.

First time for a while I decided to make a scenario where AI attacks from top to bottom instead of left/right.

First of all, AI ends turn with all vehicles facing right what allows player to score a lot of side shots, making this battle more pathetic rather than hardcore fun what I intended.

And secondly, AI seems to be following VERY strange paths or just driving around without any actual control over their own actions.

Can anyone help me to fix it? I would have it released and proceed to the next one, but testing is stuck for like 2 weeks now.
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