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Default Re: Gotta AI problem here and I could use some help

I'll add some comments here.

I've never designed a scenario for exclusively top/bottom movement. I've done a few with flanking attacks from the top/bottom, and in those, I've used waypoint movement with fairly reasonable results.

Now some explanation of that. I use waypoints for the attacking force (computer controlled) or meeting force (computer), but not for the human player. I generally use Pyros method of waypoints, 3/5, 5/3 or what ever it is (five hexes/ 3 waypoints at end). With the CD version of the game, I've not had a problem.

Now, I'll mix units with way points sometimes with units coming in later waves simply controlled by the remaining objective points. Seems to work with me and doesn't annoy me as much, simply because some of the objectives may already have been taken. For those coming in later turns, I position them with the object of moving left/right.

As others have said, waypoints won't help you with how either side retreats. I imagine rally points may address some of that, but I still think the program will default (not my area).

I don't recall having an orientation problem with using waypoints in flanking engagements. I'll have to go back and check that with some of the scenarios I used that in. I think the program may still orient the vehicle towards the next waypoint, but again, I'll let someone with more program knowledge answer that.

One recommendation I will make is to do your maps and save them in the map file as a base. When you do your scenario design, you can select the base map, and further define it as you want. I know what it is like to spend hours on a map, then go right into a scenario without saving it. You might be able to re-open the scenario, deselect your forces, and try over, but that S*$ks. Been there, done that.

This is one of the reasons I love the Venhola program. You can get the terrain you want, then rotate the map so that you do a left/right scenario, regardless of the true compass direction. I recommend that program highly.

Best to you in working this out.

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