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Exclamation Re: Problems with the current Russian OOB (#11).

Originally Posted by Crueldwarf View Post

To be more precise I want to introduce a more 'realistic' organization for Soviet rifle company on BTR-152/BTR-50 large capacity APCs. In the game now they are essentially the same as all other mech companies with a separate APC for each section, 10 in total. IRL they had only 6 or 7 vehicles for the entire company. Can AI handle such structure or it will fail to mount sections without dedicated transports?

The best way to find out would be to build one the way you think is should be then set a game to advance or assault, buy a number of them and autodeploy. If they are loaded when you check the map then it works..if not try another way. Autodeploy works the same for P1 human player as it would for P2 Computer player.

That said if you are looking for a formation the AI will actually buy it needs to be one the picklist "knows" about so if you replace an existing formation you know the AI picks with this new one of yours, you need to make it work for the exact same time period as the old one or the AI will not use it and that means it has to work for any new equipment that formation might have available between it's start and end date and in the case of BTR-50's the BTR-50PA's end date is a 1964 that's the end of the 20 capacity units, the BTR-50PK stays in service until 1967 but that in itself adds another wrinkle to your project as it has a capacity of 14 so if you are going to make a coy that only has the smaller number of carriers they can only run as long as there are high capacity carriers available and right now when the AI goes looking for a Mech coy or pl to buy it only looks for the ones we have in there a new one in a new slot and it might as well be on Mars

.....then there's the issue that the BMP-1 with 9 capacity enters service a year before the BTR-50PK goes out of service and when you consider all that you will understand why they are set up like they are's a juggling act between formation structure, infantry unit size and carrier capacity and it will NEVER be " perfect" but it will be "close enough" for the scale this game represents


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