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Default Fantasy wargame suggestions

Hi all. I've been playing SP in all it's forms since the original was released many years ago. I've recently been working on creating fantasy armies based loosely on the works of Tolkien. It's a huge project and I thought I could customize SPWW2 to use "medieval" types of units...archers, swordsmen, knights, orcs, elves, etc., in order to create battles between various armies.

Technically it could work but aesthetically it doesn't...even my warped imagination won't allow me to envision a dragon when I see a German "drache" helo on the screen.

For the last couple months I've been researching other war games that might suit my needs better, with no success. Basically, I'm looking for a fantasy version of SP that allows for customization. I know that's a bit vague but I'm hoping to get a few suggestions from my fellow wargamers here as a start.

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

Many thanks!
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