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Default Re: Fantasy wargame suggestions

Originally Posted by scorpio_rocks View Post
Originally Posted by Beeg View Post
Yes, that's an excellent suggestion. Unfortunately, after all these years, I still have not been able to master creating or even modifying icons. SHPedit, for some reason, baffles me.
It's really not that hard - have a look at Cross' excellent tutorial thread

as for the icons themselves perhaps you could ask if anyone fancied giving you a hand - there are some brilliant artists/icon makers here (people like Cross, Mkr8683, RecruitMonty, etc) and a few more of us who like to dabble. perhaps have a think about what you would need (dragons, chariots, war elephants, etc) and ask generally or pm those that publish icons on the forums.
Well, that would be ideal but I'd hate to impose. If anyone would be interested, I am looking at icons for the following units types...

Infantry (swordsmen, spearmen, axemen, etc.)
Flying creatures (Nazgul, Eagles, Dragons, etc.)
Mounted (horses, wargs, etc.)
Watercraft (triremes, longships, etc.)
Ballista (catapults, trebuchets, etc.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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