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Default Spelling mistakes in this game!!! How lame!!!

I just looked at a couple of screen shots of this game at, thinking "Cool! An Age of Sail game!" I'm a huge fan of anything nautical from that era, and began downloading the demo.
On the 2nd screenshot I found 3 (THREE!!!!) spelling mistakes. I find it absolutely incomprehensible that a game can get to market without anyone doing something as logical and basic as looking for spelling errors. Doesn't anyone there know how to spell?

I've attached the screenshot. The errors are "moral", which should be MORALE; "starbored" which should be STARBOARD. That's the most egregious error, a game that's about ships and sailing can't even get a nautical term correctly; and lastly "handeling" which should be HANDLING.

Oh my God, I just noticed there's even a spelling error on this forums page. The word is GREMLINS you morons, not "Graemlins". How can anyone take your company seriously?

There's a "Check Spelling" button on your page for New Posts; maybe you ought to have a version of that on the desktop of your game developers. Or a dictionary at least. I'll buy you one if you like.

I immeadiately cancelled the download, as I think anything that show such crappy attention to detail must also be as buggy as hell. Have people who've shelled out the money for this game finding that to be the case?

It's too bad, because it looked to be a cool game. Maybe when the developers for this company learn how to do their job properly and pay attention to detail I'll give you the money that was I going to spend on your game. Till then I'll stick to products from EA Games and the like. Too bad guys, you blew it before I even launched Salvo.
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