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Default New Download Links To My Starfury Mods And Other SF Mods

I was wanting to provide the new links to my 3 Starfury Mods that I have made. Some of the old links were not working. I also wanted to provide the links to some other mods that were made by others. The links are from my account. (note: I do not turn off my pop-up blocker to download these mods. Keeps the ads minimal but since this is a free upload site some ads are unavoidable.)

My SF mods are:

Stargate SGC Conflicts in space ver 1.1 (the newest version I have made)

Music for the Stargate Mod

SF Expanded Universe Skirmishes Mod

Campaign 4 New Beginnings

The Text For Events Changes in Campaign 3 to play campaign 3 first then go to campaign 4 automatically

Other SF Mods not made by me:

Sundansyr Mod (campaign 1 mod with lots of new components)

Battlestar Galactica Mod

Music For Battlestar Galactica Mod

Lost In Space I - The Decision

Campaign 0- Backwater Blues

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