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Default Re: Crossing the Amur

Screenshot time!

The eastern approach. The engineer and spetsnaz squads trying to clear mines under artillery fire are visible, as are amphibious cars full of infantrymen, a barge and ISU assault guns.

The central portion of the map. As you can see, it is full of T34s, AA trucks and some infantry, which in combination of heavy artillery and AT fire diminished in numbers.

The western approach. Right now the only surviving Soviet troops are the engineer squad and one flame tank. All scout teams are dead or wounded. However, more ISUs and a whole infantry battalion are now crossing the river.

The spetsnaz soldiers that entered further deep into enemy lines. Some of them are engaging enemy rifle squads, waiting for the ISUs that crossed the river to come to their aid, while an artillery observer called for arty fire on the dug in mortar.

A part of the line of AT guns that helped me neutralise a good part of the tank threat across the river
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