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Disk Cross Infantry Snow Camo MoD

Here's an infantry snow camo mod that matches my other infantry.

Here's a screen shot (the Tiger is not my work):

To use this mod it has to be 'manually' installed. But it's a quick and simple process.

The games infantry icon (shape files) are located in the Graphics folder here:
winSPWW2\Game Data\Graphics

Infantry uniform colours:

Icon0010.shp - Grey..............(Germany, Finland, Italy, Spain)
Icon0011.shp - Green.............(UK, US, Poland, USMC, France, Italian Repub, Nationalist China, Spanish Repub, et al)
Icon0012.shp - Light Brown.....(Soviet, Poland LWP, Bulgaria, Slovak Repub, Manchukuo)
Icon0013.shp - Khaki.............(Japan, UK desert)
Icon0055.shp - Dark Brown......(China Communists, Czechoslovakia, Belgium)

Download the Cross_Infantry_Snow_Camo_MoD_1.0.ZIP file.
Extract the shape file:

Just change the name of the file to the file name/uniform colour that you want to replace, and put the file in the Graphics folder.

This can be done mid-game without any OOB or security problems.

Remember to back up any shape file before you overwrite it, or change the file name to Icon0012summer.shp

If you want your Soviet infantry to have snow camo, change the name of the Icon0010snow.shp file to Icon0012.shp

If you want your German infantry to have snow camo, change the name of the Icon0010snow.shp file to Icon0010.shp

When you're done using the snow camo, just change the name of the shape file back to Icon0010snow.shp and don't forget to replace the original 'summer camo' file that you temporarily overwrote.

Other Cross Infantry
This mod is only for the infantry snow camo, and is only one file. If you want the other modded Cross Infantry you can read about them and download them here:

NB. This mod is not endorsed or supported by Camo Workshop or Shrapnel Games.

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