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Default Re: Crazy Game - PBEM - Any takers?

I'll play! Pasha's an awesome host, so I'm surprised this game isn't full already.

I would suggest a crazy ending condition to top it, though: let's stop the moment Pasha holds Dom3 in his paws. (About 30+ turns, if we go three turns a week and the game ships in July.) That way no one need feel reservations about joining because s/he is waiting for the sequel, and as an additional bonus we avoid the nasty endgame, which seems to be a turn-off for some. Whoever has the most victory points or provinces or whatever at the time wins: research or gold might be more interesting, since VPs or provinces change owner's very easily, which might make the last few turns untowardly messy in an environment where the game is set to end at a certain time.

Another option would be trying out that hexmap from Ballbarian: I take it it's for four players which is the amount we have right now.
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