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Default Re: Windows Vista and Windows Seven Installation

Originally Posted by RVPERTVS View Post
I got an email about the new installer for win7, I assume it will work for win 7 and xp alike? As I understand it´s the same thing, but the new one recognizes when win7 is installed and performs the win7 installation fix automatically?

I was thrilled when I saw the consolidated patch ready for download! I was expecting that one until spring, it´s indeed a great Christmas present

Thanks in advance and merry Christmas to all.

You already experienced the new installer with the last incremental patch - previous ones were built with the old model. Consolidated patch is of course fully built with the new model install maker.

The consolidated patch is the main thing - as it saves several separate downloads and installs. But nothing new otherwise if you have already patched up using the old incrementals which it replaces.

All new initial seed images, and the consolidation patch also are also now re-pathed by default to a windows 7 friendly one, as described in the installing to Visa/Seven sticky. That should help the folks that don't read the destructions! ...

New patch is TBD in the new year/spring whatever, as usual.

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