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Exclamation Re: Multiplayer issues

Hi Guys:

Been monitoring this thread and let me say a few things that might make you mad but will at least clear up how we do business. I have stated this in the past on these forums and just want you to know our philosphy.

When it comes to support, we can't do a thorough job of supporting any product if we look to multiple avenues. There just isn't enough people, especially in this economy. We have a support center that is officially monitored 16 hours a day and unofficially monitored closer to 20 hours a day. If you have issues with a game, or with a developer or Shrapnel Games, that is where you need to go for our ear and our answers. Any bugs will be checked against known fixes, and if necessary forwarded to the developer to deal with. Any suggestions are dealt with in a similar mannner.

When we set up these forums, they were set up for the games fans - to talk, share, ask the forum members for help, whetever. They were never intended to be the ear to Shrapnel, or our Developers. And we don't encourage that now. Does that mean we discourage our devs from frequenting the forums? No we don't. But, especially on a new game with issues to be resolved, having Malfador spend their time talking on the forums rather than upgrading the game is just going to increase the time between patches and a more happy gaming experience. Aaron reads these forums, I know that for a fact. And he hears you.

You want answers or to feel like you are being heard, that is what Customer Support is for. There is a link on every page of our website to get support and we have a very strong support presence. It is just that support is not going to happen on our Forums.

So rant and rave and hate the way we operate, but we operate in a way that allows us to be efficient and to offer quality support. Let us help you, use the support center.
Tim Brooks
Shrapnel Games
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