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Default Re: Multiplayer issues

Hey, he simply doesn't post in the forum because it's forbidden by Shrapnel, just read Tim Brook's post. He probably is reading the forum, but isn't allowed to post here. Would be great if they at least would hire some guy who posts infos about new updates in the forum for him, because you simply can't use this forum to stay in contact with the developers at the moment and you won't have luck finding new official info about the game here. Hehe, we can only post info ourselves when we get it by Malfador. By the way, I'd rather mail Malfador directly than using the Shrapnel support function. You'll get an answer much more quickly. I've used the Shrapnel support function before but also mailed the developers themselves, and I've gotten answers much quicker by themselves than by Shrapnel Support, plus in the case of BCT Commander where I also had problems: The answer really solved my problem and the support answer was much more inaccurate, didn't really help me. So, mail Malfador directly if you have tech problems with World Supremacy!
This is their adress:
I didn't bother to use Shrapnel support for my graphics problems with WS, because you can't post logs, screenshots etc there, which surely helps Malfador.
Solved my problems by staying in contact with Malfador directly instead of using support.

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