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Default Re: New Map: Uropia (Dominons in \"Europe\")

Playing a ME Vanheim (Lich D9W6, Luck 2, Prod 1, Dom 7) game with about 10 of the hostiles, all on mighty.

I tried it once and let Jotun live too long. Got beaten up bad with the giant factory two provinces over.

Then I tried it and made a point of mercenarying Jotun into non-existence before turn 10.

Then I had two fortresses, which was nice. Now I have four. Ermor did me the favor of beating up on Ulm. But now they fall to the blurry priests on horseback. (BTW Vann's PD is extremely effective vs. Ermor attacks. Set it at 30, drop a few priests in and they keep throwing undead at it and losing 80-90 of'em a turn.)

No problems yet...I like the way you did the mountains.
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