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Default Re: Windows Vista and Windows Seven Installation

Originally Posted by DRG View Post
FWIW winSPWW2 v3.5 and winSPMBT v4.5 were produced after I lost all the earlier installers ( and the installer software ) in a HD crash and upgraded the installation program to a newer version that supported Vista. All the installers after that point were set up to "Vista/7 :run as administrator". The previous ones were "pre-vista"

It maybe a co-incidence or not but it's not been an issue for 99.99% of the people who have DL the game. However, it's worth mentioning because the change does seem to coincide with the patches you are saying are reporting as being "patch failures".

Just did a full reinstall. Installing the winSPMBT patches v4.5 to v6.0 (inclusive) using the "run as administrator" option does not give me any failed installation messages.

After re-installation, windowed mode runs perfectly. Scenario selection screen show v6.0-DL.

Full screen mode is still a problem as outlined before.

At least I know that it is not related to the patches. Haven't tried the other suggestions yet.
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