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Default Order of Battle: 1st CAVALRY DIVISION

Order of Battle


Cavalry Battalions (Airmobile Infantry)

5th Cavalry
1st Battalion
2nd Battalion
7th Cavalry
1st Battalion
2nd Battalion
5th Battalion
8th Cavalry
1st Battalion
2nd Battalion
12th Cavalry
1st Battalion
2nd Battalion
Division Aviation

11th Aviation Group
227th Aviation Battalion (Assault Helicopter)
228th Aviation Battalion (Assault Support Helicopter)
229th Aviation Battalion (Assault Helicopter)
11th Aviation Company (General Support)
17th Aviation Company (Fixed Wing Transport)
478th Aviation Company (Heavy Helicopter)
Division Artillery

2nd Battalion, 17th Artillery (105mm)
2nd Battalion, 19th Artillery (105mm)
2nd Battalion, 20th Artillery (Aerial Rocket)
1st Battalion, 21st Artillery (105mm)
1st Battalion, 30th Artillery (155mm)
1st Battalion, 77th Artillery (105mm)
Battery E, 82nd Artillery (Aviation)
Division Reconnaissance

1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry (Air)
11th Pathfinder Company (Provisional)
Company E, 52nd Infantry (Long Range Recon)
Company H, 75th Infantry (Ranger)
Division Support

1st Personnel Service Battalion
8th Engineer Battalion
13th Signal Battalion
15th Medical Battalion
15th Supply & Service Battalion
15th Transportation Battalion (Aircraft Maintenance)
27th Maintenance Battalion
15th Administrative Company
371st Army Security Agency Company
545th Military Police Company
Other Units on Temporary Assignment

1st Battalion, 50th Infantry (Mechanized)
2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry (Mechanized)
1st Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry
2nd Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry
3rd Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry
Other Aviation Assets - assets of these aviation companies were utilised to build the 11 aviation companies of the 227th, 228th and 229th Aviation Battalions of the division, since at the date of deployment only Company A, 227th Aviation Battalion had complete equipment and personnel required. These were never officially part of the division's aviation force.

110th Aviation Company (Aerial Weapons)
131st Aviation Company (Aerial Weapons)
132nd Aviation Company (Assault Support Helicopter)
133rd Aviation Company (Assault Support Helicopter)
194th Aviation Company (Assault Helicopter)
202nd Aviation Company (Assault Helicopter)
Company A, 4th Aviation Battalion (Assault Helicopter)
Company A, 5th Aviation Battalion (Assault Helicopter)
Aviation Company, 6th Special Forces Group (Assault Helicopter)
Aviation Company, 7th Special Forces Group (Assault Helicopter)




ELEMENT FROM TO 1966 1968 1970 1972

Division HQ & HQ Cpy. 11-9-65 29-4-71 167 195 195
1st Brigade HQ & HQ Cpy. 12-9-65 29-4-71 223 223 223
2nd Brigade HQ & HQ Cpy. 12-9-65 26-3-71 223 223 223
3rd Brigade HQ & HQ Cpy. 12-9-65 26-6-72 223 223 223 346
Division Arty. HQ & HQ Cpy. 12-9-65 29-4-71 162 162 162
Support Command HQ & HQ Cpy. 12-9-65 29-4-71 163 163 163




An Khe 9-65 6-67
An Khe / Bong Son 7-67 1-68
An Khe / Hue 2-68
An Khe / Phong Diem 3-68 4-68
An Khe / Quang Tri 5-68
An Khe / Phong Diem 6-68 10-68
An Khe / Phuoc Vinh 11-68 4-69
An Khe / Phuoc Vinh (*) 5-69 4-71

* 3rd Brigade only
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