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Default Re: spob37 Czechoslovakia

I have a question what do you thing what type of force should be in Czechoslovakian OOB in the wartime

- Prewar czechoslovakian army to the 1938 for AI buy all is clear

- After german anexation to the end of war partisants units but only for human buy

- In the polish books about defense war in 1939 I found a info about Czecholovakian (Czech for precision?) volunteers what fights in his own companys in the polish army Krakow in the south poland. So meaby in Czech OOB should be a Czech infantery company with polish weapons and some battles with germans and rusians in September 1939. This soliders go together with poles to the Romunia. I sugest put this force to oob and prepare a few battles for campaign generator. Many Czech went trought Romunia to the france or Middle East but many was too cath by red army and go on siberia. Question shuld be batles in poland and polish equiped units?

- What was with Czech soliders what was on exile in France they were transfered together with polish solider trought romunia hungary and italy to france? I have no info meaby were created a czech companys during fall of France? Some Czech must go on the middle east together with polish because later in 1941 in Tobruk fight a czech infantery brigade but when was created I don't know? So no many info about czech units in french army

- After fall of france czech created his fighters divisions first was 310 Sq-n in July 1940. Land forces consist on Czechoslovak 1st Infantry Brigade what fight on the desert in 1941 in Tobruk to the last fight in Tunesia. In September 1943 transfered to England and converted in Armoured brigade. Fight during siege of Dunkrik to the may 1945. Was supported by british and Canadian forces in the 1945 was reinforced by French formed from FFI forces. So now is the Question this forces what fight on the west shuld be buyble by AI and campaign generator shuld have fights for this forces? Or meaby shuld be add for OOB as only human by units?

- Czech forces in USSR created from Czech soliders captured in 1939 in poland and in majority from Czech what fights on german side and was cath by rusians. This force were created in November 1943 and now is the Question this forces are now AI buy in the game but shuld be only human buy if army on the west be prepare for computer player.

I thing what should be with Czech army if starts soon after WWII a next war betwen West and East Czech stay on western side or meaby on eastern or meaby we have fights in Germany betwen 1 armoured brigade equiped in GB against Czech equiped in Russia what do you thing?
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