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Default Re: spob37 Czechoslovakia

Hallo Blazejos
My future goal is to add foreign czechoslovak units into this oob. But for now I have too many work on my final work in college.

Some info about foreign czechoslovak units:
The first was in Poland. This was only small unit but some combat was there.

Next step was in France and Middle East. There were whole infantry division (up to 15000 men). 3 infantry regiments and artillery regiment were in France and one infantry regiment was in ME (offically subordinated to division).
This division was created thanks to czechoslovak embassy in France which still existed after fall of Czechoslovakia and after beginnig of war embassy started mobilisation of czechoslovak citisens in abroad.
Soldiers in ME come from Carpathia - last cape of Czechoslovakia in 17th March 1939. They withdraw to Romania after some fights with invading Hungary.

Other history is wrote by you.
But detail large group in czechoslovak units in USSR was created from captured slovak soldiers.

I also think to add slovak army from the beginnig of uprising - they declared its loyality to Czechoslovakia.

For using by AI:
In winSPMBT there was possibility to make own picklist - and above all speciality that AI will by some group of units for fighting with one enemy on one territory and another units to fight with another enemy on another territory in same period. This was very complicated and it seems that we have not this possibility for all.
So if I change this oob all except units in USSR are only for human player.

You ask on which side would Czechoslovakia fight in hypotetical ww3. If ww3 start in 1945 probably both - as there were Soviets on most of territory and US in western part of Czechoslovakia. Soviets and US withdraw in 1946. I think than would be Czechoslovakia probably neutral (if somebody do not attak). President Benes was still in power and actually western equipped tank corps had more tanks than eastern army. It is however question if communist would be able to seize power during ww3 all around.

Pavel Novak
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