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Default Santo?.

Unlike the real war, there was no "Midway" for me against the IJN in Summer of '42. In fact, the IJN had taken Midway without a fight. And now they were astride my supply lines occupying Espiritu Santo...well into '43. IJN was very tenacious in trying to hold this base, and not yet having run a "decisive battle", they also still had a very potent and effective Kido Butai. This complicated U.S. strategy because IJN had invasion forces in Truk, a path to Pearl Harbor, and a very strong striking force. Throw a big enough task force at Espiritu Santos and it might leave Pearl open to invasion. Decisions...decisions.

The time came for action, and the U.S. assembled a fleet to move on Espiritu Santo. Would the IJN show up in defense....would they sneak in and invade Pearl? When the day dawned, it became apparent the decisive turning point would occur not around Midway in '42, but around Espiritu Santo in '43...and with the U.S. packing a much bigger punch. After a year and a half of cat and mouse between the two forces, decisive battle was joined...with devastating results to IJN. The nostalgic part is the four IJN carriers sunk in this decisive battle are the exact four sunk at Midway.

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