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Default Re: AI Consideration

That is overall strategy (and if you follow that every time I defeat you neat, except for point three that is obvious and lacking), that does not tell you how to send your fleet, or how to slow Japan and prevent them from getting close to your sea lanes.

The game is complexe because have you several possibilities each turn (what to defend, what to attack) without knowing what your opponnent will do. In game theory the solution is a strategy mix, that is setting a probability that each strategy is good then randomizing the decision (computer don't know psychology) because if you are predictable, you will be easily defeated. There are no perfect strategy in simultaneous game, you must surprise the opponnent and out guess him.

This process which is quite natural for a human brain (we have short cut that the computer don't have, but those can lead to logical error the computer will not do) is quite complexe to write in mathematical term (those needed for the computer to decide).
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