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Question Prod me to purchase Scallywag?

Hey everybody, new to Shrapnel in general and very likely about to make my first order in the very immediate future. I feel confident that half of that order will be this game called Dominions III, and am hoping some folks here can make the 2nd half of said order Scallywag.

How has the game held up, here in 2009? Crashing issues, bug and imbalance issues, victories? I'm a tremendous fan of Roguelikes and have a hard time not supporting any of the very few commerical ventures that I come across in English---I even own Kamyran's Eye 2. So long as it is about on par with other PC Roguelikes in these regards, or even older console fare like Fatal Labyrinth and Dragon Crystal, I'm probably golden. That said, I simply can't seem to find much discussion on the game outside of the topics here and even those don't seem to go far in a "down the line, here's where folk are at" manner. I'm also a tad concerned that the developer's website still seems to be down and out after all this time...

I'm pretty well within inches of purchasing this and later aiming to throw a serious effort at the editor to try and get things lively and encourage other purchases from some people I know in the Roguelike community that also had this totally fly under their radar. I just need one or more pushes, with reasoning, from my would-be predecessors! or

Thanks for taking the time to read! :eyes his wallet and waits:
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