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Default Re: Prod me to purchase Scallywag?

I meant more in general...most I've chatted with(virtually all in fact) had no idea this game exists. As do some people think that all Roguelikes must be "free" or else it is treading upon some perceived traditions. There are similar problematic attitudes from a business perspective on the RPG side of things in PC land as well---though they take a different train of thought to arrive at pretty much the same destination.

With any PC Roguelike, the few retail or otherwise, open or closed source, one elects to get into, newer ones in particular, it is an investment in potential 9 times out of 10. There is no other retail Roguelike for PC, console, or handheld that contains such a marvelous sounding editor---it is simply unheard of. Even among the pure ASCII amateur projects out there I'm drawing a blank outside of perhaps something, ultimately, like Dwarf Fortress.

I fully expect the base products to have some issues, afterall, it seems the company itself ran into issues with even keeping a website up and things lively. Couple that with the fact, really, that nigh all PC Roguelikes that go a retail route are effectively cursed to obscurity no matter their pedigree and you've a recipe for some tricky bits.

I'm enthusiastic about Roguelikes. Reading some of the blurbs about the Dominions III guys in the early part of the manual...I could say much of their sentiment towards strategy gaming resonates with me along Roguelike lines. I'm a fan of potential lurking under the surface in most Roguelikes, especially PC. So here, in 2009, several years late to the party, I seem to have found one that offers the closest thing to "easy access" to said potential lurking under the surface AND is graphical to boot. So for my money, that's well worth a budget price and something to be lively about.

Then again, I'm also a crazy guy that bought both this game and Dominions III without ever so much as touching their demos, even with them right there on the screen, nor did I watch any videos for either. So...I might be defective moreso than vanilla Scallywag.
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