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Yeah, Hyperspace and Fold are a little much. I've mentioned in my House Rules thread that I've made my own games more interesting by instituting the following rule:

Hyperspace and Fold require recharge/downtime after use. If you jump into a system and encounter ships, you must engage and cannot retreat. The only escape possible is if you have (a) cloaking (and thats only for you) or (b) both Hyperspace AND Fold.

You might get more draconian and say that cloaking cant be left on for the days and weeks it takes to charge, so you still need to finish up the combat.

This means I'll usually keep a spare set of engines in cargo and use hyperspace to jump to regions I need to be at. Then I'll use conventional drives to boost into unexplored regions. If anything, it slows down the hop-hop-hop that those powers give you.