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Default Re: State of the Game?

Hey Felix, I you want to play this game in Multiplayer, try it. I think Multiplayer is more fun than single player because the last patch included some balance fixes. But single player absolutely sucks due to bad AI. Another thing you need to know: This game only has one victory condition: Complete conquest of all territories (including all Neutrals), which makes the endgame, when you've defeated all other players, pretty boring. This game desperately needs AI fixes, and some additional features like different victory conditions, and maybe retreat in combat (combat always is a lose everything or win everything affair in this game, there's no retreat like in Axis & Allies, and this always gives the attacker a big advantage, which is especially bad for the AI!).
This game has a lot of potential (and is definitely fun in the first games you play), but they absolutely need to do something to fix its faults.
My advice: Stick to Bronze if you want to play single player!
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