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Heart Weird Worlds Sequel is on Kickstarter

There's currently a Kickstarter going for "Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars". It's a new 3D version of SAIS / WW:RTIS, with a lot of cool features (new game content, of course, but also modding tools for building the 3D ships used by the game).

Surprised there's no link here yet. I realize it's not a Shrapnel project, but I figured some fan would have linked to it by now just the same. Guess I'll have to:

They're at $26,704 of their $30,000 goal. So if they can get another $3K and change in the next 11 days, we'll have a shiny new version of our favorite game. If you love Weird Worlds, please go kick in for the new version. The $10 level gets you the new game when it releases, and for $25 you can get beta access before then.
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