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Default Re: Weird Worlds Sequel is on Kickstarter

Remember me? Wow. I haven't checked these forums in FOREVER. Once I upgraded my OS I could no longer play Weird Worlds, so my modding career was kind of done. But Weird Worlds was really only minorly moddable. And I guess the proof was that the Ravian quest required a whole bunch of re-coding to put it in.
Too bad I missed out on the kickstarter. Oh well. It would've been nice to be a part of it from the beginning. I'm actually just starting working on some of my own game development projects now that my degree is done, but wouldn't mind unwinding with some modding again. Plus, I think our mods have helped the profitability of these games significantly. If anyone involved int he project is interested in getting modder input while it's in development, let me know.
-Jeremy Johnson