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Default Graphics for a mod. Unsure of next step.

Hi, been away for a while, so havnt been able to finish "wizards kingdom" as i said, will finish asap.

When i was creating a new summon for the mod, an idea for a whole new nation was borned.

The idea shortly is about a cave living wormrace, using a special kind of fungus to create weapons and armors.
And that a group of Ichtyids settlers have started to live with them in this waterfilled cavern.

The idea is also, the worms will lay eggs, grow funguses on dry land. And they will not be amphipian.

They will give fungusweapons, and armors to the Ichtyid`s as a thank for guiding them on the surface, and by this help Ichtyids claim the sea.

This is thought as a EA nation, that later in MA will split up in different nations.

BUT, i have become a bit unsure, should i just focus on the worms and skip the Ichtyids, or does the idea of the Ichtyids fit in?

I have some graphics i can share so far.

photo storage

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