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Default AATF etc. High CPU usage and temperatures

I bought BGC, ATF, BCT and tFW today, I have already had AATF before; I cannot remember such issues before when I used to operate Win XP and single core CPUs, perhaps I wasn't paying enough attention, but have recently noticed that on my new Win 7 and Win8 laptops with dual core CPUs (not that I think the difference matters) - they both have NVidia graphic cards apart from the integrated ones - the temperatures rise quite rapidly and the difference reaches some 20 degrees when I start playing any of the titles mentioned above.

I have also noticed using the Speedfan software that the CPU usage is pretty high. Both things kind of puzzled me since I hadn't expected those games to be able to put my machines to the test. Apparently the measure values are still well within acceptable limit, but I feel a little uneasy about that. Is this a normal thing to happen? Should I try to apply some workarounds to be able to offset those occurrences - like compatibility modes perhaps ( I guess I have tried that with the AATF before to no avail)?
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