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Default Re: USSR Long Campaign

Phase Two: The battle for the central hill.

Terrain: there is a central forested hill; it is ahead of the central objective clump in Soviet possession. Ahead of the hill is an important north-south road.

The Battle: (starting around turn 11)

One detachment of BT-7 offload a mountain scout platoon and snipers onto the hill, seizing a small village. In the vicinity is another platoon of BT-7; one of T-28 and one of B-3 armored car.

Soon a large contingent (I think a company or more) of Polish infantry are spotted near the road and rushing onto an adjacent hill.

Some of the artillery I have still with ammo is put on to the road. The initial advance is slowed with sniper and tank fire.

Just to the south of this engagement and connected by road is my main force. It is still engaged with remnant Polish armor. I break some units off to assist.

Before the southern reinforcements arrive the armor which had initially been allocated to the northern attack (now abandoned) arrives to reinforce. This includes another mountain scout platoon and 2 snipers and another BT-7 platoon.

With these reinforcements I break through on the northern flank of the Polish attack and take the road. My light armor chases down the fleeing infantry assisted by the 2 scout platoon which closes to take kills at point blank. One scout unit catches a fleeing unit and ambushes it taking down the remainder in melee.

By this time the artillery arrives into the southern part of the Polish contingent. This section gets 2 turns of pounding before the southern reinforcements arrive. The remainder of the Polish thrust is hit from the north and south at once by massed armor, broken and run down.

The entire force engaged here (comprising almost all of the initial north; central and some of the main force now uses the newly captured road to move south and reinforce the main force, which is now engaged in a second and more serious tank battle.

On the way however a second large polish infantry thrust is located, having made its way north of the crossroads without being spotted. The now huge swarm of armor hits it and breaks it in 2 turns; they seem to have very low morale and break at once. Another Polish infantry company is now run down and completely destroyed.

The Soviet force is yet to take a casualty. Now Polish 75mm field guns has found some of my artillery; and I am forced to relocate a couple of battery; sadly I have not located this Polish battery. The ammunition situation is still not good; half of the artillery is out of ammo. But the overall situation looks very promising.
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