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Default Re: USSR Long Campaign

Phase three: The two battles for the southern objectives and victory

After the defeat of the initial Polish thrust into the villages, the second wave of Polish armor arrives on the southern flank. This attack is larger then the initial attack, some 12 or maybe more medium tanks and 6 tankettes. Luckily, by the time this flanking force appears the Polish thrust on the crossroads if fully defeated; a few shelled infantry still press on but are no worry.

Most of my armor is already on site, and simply needs to turn facing to engage the flanking force. The Polish armor is quickly defeated and I move to reallocate forces to the center. A platoon of BT-7 seize the southern objective, but then find a huge wave of infantry and beat a hasty retreat. The Poles retake the objective. Soon it appears there is another wave heading at the crossroads. All up around 12 squads or so. Some artillery is already dialed on this general area, so as their ammo replenishes they can be set to fire immediately. The infantry gets shelled for 4 or so turns, then I send in a mass wave of armor. The Polish infantry is found already in full retreat and is run down and the objective is taken.

The USSR is awarded a decisive victory on turn 34. Looking at the map the Poles had another two companies of infantry pushing towards the crossroads, getting shelled.

The final result is as follows:

Soviet losses: nil

Polish losses:

891 men
4 artillery
43 AFV
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