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Default Re: Game Master

This looks great! A couple of thoughts have sprung to mind, though.

1: If you give implementors a #researchbonus of a few hundred, maybe you won't need to start with so many of them in order to get your research together quickly.

2: As things stand, Game Masters and Implementors can be wished for by players. This might be a little over-powerful. If you add non-recruitable units called Implementor and Game Master with lower monster IDs than the ones the GM nation is using, they'll be the ones picked up by Wish. As an idea: give 'em straight 8s for stats, no magic, immobility, 2 hits, starting affliction of disease and... lots of leper and reaper bonus.

3: (I thought of this while typing) A free national GoR might be good. Then you can have Implementors as non-commander recruitables (as well as commanders), and GoR them. That would help to ramp up Implementor numbers early in the game.
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