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Default Re: MP Game - Newbie Game (by Aku)

Well the map Karan says 20 water provinces and I think you connect to all of them but 1 or 2 so you can get at least 18 provinces without stepping on land which is really nice.

Oh and Pickles just in case you havent used ryleh before use the priests not the mages to go in the summoning circle in the capital because they have a small chance of getting feebleminded.

We just actually need a few more confirmations of what nations people are using. Lets just use these settings (pasting from post below).

Number of starting provinces: 1
Stength of Independents: 6
Special Site Frequency: 50
World Richness: Normal
Random Events: Common
Score Graphs: Disabled
Hall of Fame: 15
Standard Research
Standard Victory
Renaming is Allowed

24 hour Quickhost

Map is Karan


Aku - Abysia
Klatu - Man
Boron - Pythium
Pickles - Ryleh
Drool - I think Ulm(let me know on this)
Starwarsluke - Caelum
Lukes brother - ?
Alexi - Vanheim?
PashaDawg - Machaka
Panther - T'ien C'hi

I just need confirmation from Drool. I need nations for Lukes brother(and his name) and PashaDawg. Also Alexi just want to make sure you like Vanheim before I take the ? off.

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