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Fallout Re: North Korea OOB

North Korea recieved 35-40 MiG-29A aircraft from Russia in the mid to late eighties. It is believed that only ~20 are even capable of flight at this time. I will not speculate as to why the N. Korean OOB doesn't have them however I do know (or think) they shouldn't be entered. The MiG-29A is strictly a short ranged tactical fighter that had no conventional bomb carrying capability. We in fact just last year after I made contact with a DDR MiG-29A pilot, deleted them from the E. German, German and Polish OOB's for that very reason. People know how I feel about "fighters" with bombs being in the game, they are useless in the game context as compared to a true fighter-bomber. The issue however as I found out is a very complex one involving all "game types" or "options" we have in playing the game in trying to cull them for slot space in the more developed countries. Anyway the Jets and Planes Thread covers this all.
The first MiG-29 to be ground attack capable was the MiG-29S. Russia did modify MiG-29A fighters to carry a battlefield tactical nuke the 30KT RN-40. Below is an excellent MiG site for further reference. There are is no apparent info on any improvement/modification programs by N. Korea concerning the MiG-29.

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