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Fallout Re: North Korea OOB

Who doesn't love a parade? Well North Korea certainly does love them, to the point of mixing in mock equipment with the real. During the 60th Anniversary Parade in the fly over of North Korean military transport planes it was later found they were from the national airline painted in military colors. Another interesting item were the intercontinental missiles paraded, among some other minor issues concerning them was the lack of retro rockets which is not so a minor issue. You really need them-trust me. Then the real Hughes 500E helos (pair) did a fly over of some tanks they were "supporting" in battle. So ended at least 30 years of speculation concerning them. Well I wasn't content with what the current info provided, I went to the past for the answers we need. So to Jan. 22nd 1987 we find that 87 Hughes helicopters were sold between the spring of 1983 -Jan. 1985 the type were the Hughes 300C (1 ONLY), 500D and 500E (As seen this past Sep.) These helos are the civilian version of the Vietnam era OH-6 better known as the "LOACH".
Bottomline: Yes as with the modern MD series helos, the Hughes 500D and 500E could be and were (Rhodesia for one.) weaponized. Only one I can find that was is the 500E however and just my feelings here, I suspect the 500D was armed as well by North Korea. It should be added it seems the current sources agree on 4 AT-3 SAGGER ATGW missiles.
Sometimes you have to look "over your shoulder" and back to find the answer, not to mention preventing being "stabbed in the back"!?!

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