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Default Re: North Korea OOB

The MiG-29 was in the older versions of the OOB but with wrong stats. I recommeded deletion, instead of corrections on the basis of the following:
1) The type is primarily an air defence fighter (I was under the impression it could carry bombs but in practice designed and most likely used for air to air).
2) It is the only "modern" fighter in their inventory, so it is doubtful it would waste precious flight hours over ground attack training. As a matter of fact in the NK training footage older types,of which they have zillions, such as MiG-23 or earlier can be seen dropping bombs while MiG-29s just fly around (not an ironclad proof but..). In wartime it would be busy with air to air.
3) The units equipped with it are based to protect the capital and brigaded together with the SU-25s so even in a coup/civil war scenario they would still be doing air to air most likely even if they were bomb capable.
4) CAS isn't high on KPAF list as far as it can be told. Some of their older types have been modified for or have been tasked with ground attack but this is likely to be against targets in the enemy rear.
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