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Fallout Re: North Korea OOB

I should've indicated Post #11 was in response to #10 from sabresandy that asked about the MiG-29 and MD-500 helos-sorry-but I had to get ready for work. Post #14 covers the rest. But now I really see the point Suhiir was making and my apologies I just had to kick in the "Marinegolese". No matter what the equipment I love going through those steps and I'll always have the fond memories of the GREAT French 105mm question we finally settled on last year and two years of following the Malaysian LEOPARD's to find early last winter by watching an Armed Forces Day video of them showing off their new LEO A24 modified tanks and not their A26 ones THAT EVERYONE reported on and now resides in the game. Who got it right from the start? SIPRI. Don sorry I just ran out of time getting the refs together before the deadline. Guess who I'll be using more often. Suhiir is so right, anyone who seriously does this out here knows how much "fun" it really is. That'll be over two years of tracking those tanks I'll never get back.


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