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Default Re: Cross Link Scenarios: Timeline/Core army evolution


Beside the addition of core units at fixed intervals of the campaign (army evolution), there is one idea that keeps coming in my mind.
I have already mentioned this yesterday in another thread but it is better to add it here in order to discuss it.

As you know probably in the start of each ToO the game will give some additional predefined troops to the player.
The quality and quantity will be decided in the next phase.
What is interesting to discuss is the option to include a small inter-active trick:

In the final mission of each (some?) ToOs the player will deploy his force on a special small map with three VP flags on it!!! and a mission duration of 1 turn.

But... What these flags represent and why this scenario has a duration of 1?

Next to each VP flag/location the player will read a name of unit/formation (for example mortar platoon or engineers or off-map medium arty).
By moving one of his troops to the appropriate flag/VP location the player will earn some points that will give him (since the battle duration is set to 1 turn) in the next turn a precise score that will lead to type of victory conditions (loss - draw - decisive victory).

Here are 2 tricks:
1. The player according to the victory level he will be redirected to a link (starting point of the next ToO) that will give him as additional core force the selected unit. Then the loop will be closed and the link of the campaign will follow the normal path.
2. Since the victory conditions of the mission will influence the final score, then the unit next to decisive loss will be somehow more important (helos?) than the unit next to the path Decisive victory (light off map arty?)
This way the player will have to make a choice between campaign points and the quality of the selected unit.

The above mechanism should happen in only 3 ToOs (occasions) and should add a different blend to the campaign (more personal). In all the rest ToOs we will provide to the player predefined Core force reinforcements.


p.s when I will return back from isolation/meditation trip I will add a schematic for the above.
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