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Default Re: Scenario/Map index

I have studied historic documents and topo maps for 2 days for the ToO No1... LOL

Anyway, I have found someincredible maps of the plei me camp and the LZX zone...
From what I know also Listy is interested to do some work on ToO No1.

So here is what I propose... I will make a mission with the camp Plei Mei amd perhaps something about saving Moore at the LZX zone... This is 2 missions.

I suggest that anyone may create a couple of missions and then we will connect them.
Just post here what kind of missions of ToO no1 you wish to make.

I will give a try on a mission of the Plei Me SF camp and a critical rescue of Col Moore at the LZX.
These two will be chapters with primary and secondary missions.

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