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Default first map - ~65 provinces

This is my first map. The goal was to make a balanced medium blitz map (between Urgaia and Aran). The graphics are nothing to brag about, but I'd like to think it's at least not painful to look at. I'd recommend 3 - 6 players, but doubt that there'd be room for both underwater nations. The map was not made to be water nation friendly.

There is a central lake (no start), and I plan on adding rivers at some point.

I made the map using the GIMP (my first time using GIMP, and my first signifigant computer drawing experience).

I would be interested in hearing about any balance issues.

Legend (terrain by color): Farmlands are light green, forests are dark green, swamps are dark purple, mountains are light purple / magenta, water is blue and wastes are tan / beige.
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