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I completed the second mission! Hooray! It was hard to do and I didn't use any cheats. It was harder coming back from the main mission. ha. I was killed about 10 times before I finally could figure out a way through. I must say this is challenging but I do like it. The story is really cool too.
One problem I encountered during the 3rd mission was a screen lockup twice. One time was when I was attacking the enemy "big ship" not to give away the name to others playing. The other I am not sure which ship was involved. It's really hard to tell what ship when there are so many that could be involved. Would have to check all the ships from mission 3 to be sure. This error detail was a hungapp error and I am about 99.9% sure I can fix this. The cause of this error is component placement on a ship at the far edges at the top bottom or sides. Easy fix is to move the component in slightly on the x or y coordinates away from the far edge. Overlapping of slots is ok. Trust me I figured this out after hours of frustation during the making of my mod (btw which is over 50% done right now). The large ships are most likely to have this problem with the componets at the edges. To fix just create a folder and place the ship's Main_ComponentConfigurationEnemy into this folder then import the ships Main_ComponentConfigurationSlotsEnemy into SJ's Slot modder with the ships image loaded into the slot modder and move the culprit slots inward away from the edge. Then export to the folder then C&P the "Slots" to the ingame file remembering to remove the old "Slots" entry. Or you can just manually do this in the file. I will look into this tonight or tomorrow and fix the ships involved. Also just to let you know this error will not always present only when the culprit slots are damaged or possibly destroyed.
Overall though so far, I really like this mod and it is really cool. Great job.
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