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Ok I fixed the ship. It was the Battleship Musashi (allied ship actually). I went into Main_ComponentConfigurationSlotsEnemy and changed the Spaceship Yamato Layout slot 1 WMC18 from ypos 0 to ypos 7 and changed the slots 1,2 and 3 for the 3 bottom engines from ypos 658 to 655. The ship does not cause a freeze in the game now when destroyed. I know for a fact that when ypos =0 or xpos=0 is used the game freeze will occur. As far as the xpos or ypos on the far right or bottom of the screen respectively causing this error I dont know. I just make sure nothing touches the edges and everything is good. I haven't looked at the Main_ComponentConfigurationSlotsPlayer to change the coordinates but I should probably fix that too incase this is a player ship later. (no hints please)

Thanks for fixing the 6 ships. I will download the attactment now.

PS The Main_ComponentConfigurationSlotsPlayer will need to be changed too if any of these are player ships. I haven't looked to see. I want to keep it a suprise.
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