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Default Re: SEV Models in Starfury?

Yes I have added upwards of around 100 ships to SF from SEV as well as other games.

Basic rough guide for SEV to SF conversion:

(1) copy and paste xfile from SEV to SF and place in xfile folder

(2) copy and paste texture image(s) form SEV and place in image folder in SF

(3) create entry for Spaceobjects_xfiles folder. The easy way is to just copy and paste an existing entry say a Terran Destoyer and change the name and reference the xfile.x to match your xfile you added in step (1).

(4) Copy and paste the Terran Destroyer in the Main_StartingPlayerShips and give it a new name. Also change the Spaceobjects_xfiles name to the one you just created in step(3)

You should be able to load up and see the ship at this point. Although this is the quick and easy way, you will want to change the shield layouts and portrait files and create your own slot configurations with the SJ Slot modder program available from Suicide Junkie in the SF mod utilities section on this forum. If you get the urge to convert from other, non SEV sources you may have to adjust the starting y or z rotations, the ship scale, firing points and engine glows (all adjusted in the Spaceobjects_xfiles entry from step (3).) Use anim8or to get firing points and engine glow coordinates.

Also check out doga if you want make 3d-models. If you are like me, I am not too good with ship modeling in general. Doga is quick and easy. The vertices and polygons may be a little higher than SEV ships since we have ovelapping parts with doga models. Some people are good at merging the points. I am not.

This is an oversimplification of what I do sometimes to get a ship added. I sometimes use the programs LithUnwrap, Anim8or and UVmapper to to tweak the ships from non SEV sources. I have used free trials of Polygon Cruncher and Lightwave. With Polygon Cruncher as a plugin for Lightwave, I am able to take a non-SEV high Poly models and usually make them work in SF.

Just to let you know I have been working on my SF mod for over 7 months now. I am still making more missions for it but it is basically completed. The missions take time to make but when I am completed I will provide a download for everyone.
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