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Default Re: SEV Models in Starfury?

(3) create entry for Spaceobjects_xfiles folder. The easy way is to just copy and paste an existing entry say a Terran Destoyer and change the name and reference the xfile.x to match your xfile you added in step (1).

Thank you rstaats10, that's the step I was missing. I did try copying the Data from the SEV file _Ships_XFileClasses.txt, removed the irrelevant fields that didn't match other entries in SF, and ran into a problem. The ship collision size was much larger than the actual ship.

I am not sure if this is because I shrunk the ship down 50% in Spaceobjects_xfiles, or if I missed something else.
If I just copied a similarly sized ship already in SF, wouldn't my firing points and engine glow be off? Or would I just copy those aspects from _Ships_XFileClasses.txt? What all do you usually have to tweak, and do you run into this same problem when resizing models?

Another problem I am having, is speed and firing points. When I am going at full speed over about 1.5ish my firing point appears behind where it is supposed to be, and for smaller ships, it appears behind the ship. Is there a way to correct for this? I would like to make some ships that go about 2.5 Max speed.


I'm also graphically inept, so me using any 3D modeling software is probably a bad idea and may actually be dangerous or illegal in some countries. I'm taking a huge risk even trying to move graphics from one game to another, there's just no telling what kind of disaster is waiting to happen.
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