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Default Re: SEV Models in Starfury?

Thank you rstaats10, I will try to get anim8or and see if I can fumble my way through it. I've now managed to get 4 SEV ships into SF with your advice and they are all "mostly" working. I am still having the same two problems though.

"As far as the speed do you mean the torpedos are not fast enough? You can change the speed of all the weapons in the Main_BitmapEffects text file. There is a place in each wep effect for speed. "

No I meant for like Beam weapons. If I set the ship's top speed past 1.5, and I start a fight at that speed, the beam starts behind my ship, or in the middle of my ship (depending on size of the ship) instead of at my firing points on the front of the ship. When I slow down, it works fine and looks perfect. Tested with only 1 weapon on each ship, so that I was dealing with one firing point at a time.

The second issue, was only tested with SEV ships, and not SF ships yet (although I will test it when I get home from work, to see if it's something to do with the SEV models). If I take a large ship, say a carrier, that I think would look nice as a fighter, so I shrink it down from carrier size to fighter size. The collision border is still carrier size. So As I wooosh past a planet that is clearly not even close to touching my ship, I explode.

I can take a Terran battleship through an asteroid field in the stock campaign, but my carrier-turned-fighter is too big, even though the model is shrunken to the size of a fighter.
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