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Default Re: Babylon 5 wishlist for an SE4 mod

Se 4 dead? You must be kidding! Admittedly you'll see far more posts over at, but recently I updated the planet-pack (mostly BKs work) and sent it off although I don't know if they have made it available yet. Previously it had 940 planets, w/p etc. It now has 1171 ! A new component pack is being worked on, Atrocities has added about 200 items, and BK has produced about 150 so far and SJ has some as well I believe.
I released a mod awhile ago and as mentioned a few more are in the making. The one BK started is a monster! It is virtually a whole new game in my opinion what with the huge number of traits and new technology, planets, storms, nebulaes etc etc.
Now, exactly where did I leave my eyeballs, they're here somewhere I'm sure.....
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