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Default Re: DAR: USSR vs. Germany - Tikuin, USSR

Turn 24

They are still pounding my scout. It really is a waste of steel on a 3-man unit. The armored cars got one of the men the turn they died.

Both tank companies of the south group are moving forward again. One is moving west and the other southwest. I jumped all over the infantry squad to the southwest and found another to the south. I'm pulling my heavy tanks back to help cover that area while my tanks push forward. They are too slow for this type of advance anyhow.

There is a full enemy company heading to the north central part of my infantry line. They are getting hit pretty hard. Between small arms from the line and mortar fire, a lot went down. My tanks positioned to the rear of the line, but out of the impact zone of the enemy artillery. They are still dropping rounds on the light, but it has slacked up a bit. One thing I didn't quite intend was my HQ and FO are in the middle of this fighting and right on the line.


Friendly: Zero.

Enemy: Estimated 25 casualties.
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