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Default Re: DAR: Italy vs. GB - North Africa 6/40

Turn 2

Dingos probing at the north central and salient in my line. The heaviest part enemy push seems to be heading towards the salient and maybe even my refused right flank. It is kind of a bad area, because they are coming in the low ground. My tanks can't draw a bead on this area, so I will have to depend on my ATGs to keep it sealed.

My main concern right now is along the northern edge, with two Matilda I tanks in the lead. I think I'm going to push some tanks up into the position with Foxtrot. This is the only way I'm going to get point blank shots at them.

A little further south some armored cars are approaching. My tanks took a few shots and popped one.

There is a high volume of dust being kicked up, so it is difficult for me to tell what the follow-up units are.


Friendly: Zero.

Enemy: 1xRolls Royce A/C destroyed.
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